Academic & Core Curriculum

We believe that a child is a natural learner keen to know and grow with the world around, eager to receive education with open arms, if given a conducive climate to study in. Apart from the great infrastructure we have to offer our core strength is our teachers, who inspire students to innovate and adapt in the fast changing world of today.

The Mukat Trust International school is following a CBSE Curriculum with a Child Centric Methodology of teaching, where the natural creativity and learning capability of students are recognized and nurtured. We visualize our children as fertile minds capable of not merely receiving knowledge, but also constructing it. The pedagogic techniques followed at our school will comprise of teacher-student engagement in a joyful atmosphere where comprehension and evolution of knowledge patterns are a collective activity. We stress not just the intellectual, but also the physical, the emotional and social growth of a child, achieved by involving him in a variety of carefully thought out activities.

Following the mantra of “Growing by learning”, the students are given opportunities to question, experiment and make sense of what they have learned.

Dance, music, drama, art and experiential learning are not regarded as “extra” curricular but an essential part of learning. For example, functions in mathematics may be explained with musical patterns while symmetry could be taught with art projects.

A child at this stage has a nascent, impressionable mind, trying to make sense of the world around him. The early childhood spaces at The Mukat Trust International School, provide children a joyful and secure environment to explore and discover. The curriculum aims to “meet tomorrow’s challenges today” and the experiential learning approach helps children make sense of the world around them through engaging in activities both in and outside the classrooms.

The curriculum is designed to help young children excel in language and cognitive learning. It also promotes independence, curiosity, decision making, cooperation, persistence, creativity and problem solving.

The domains of learning are:

  • communication, language and literacy
  • numeracy and logic
  • knowledge and understanding of the world
  • physical development
  • aesthetic and creative development
  • social and emotional development


The activities for different domains and concepts are planned purposefully to enable children to engage with and experience the concepts.

Primary Education Program ( Grades I – VII )

The Primary Education program at the Mukat Trust International School focuses on an interdisciplinary approach with an attempt to find connections across domains, helping the learner to see connections along with relating to real life experiences.

Children are constantly engaged in observations, questioning and probing– dwelling deeper into concepts. A conscious effort is made to imbibe the inquiry approach in our curriculum. Using appropriate learning contexts, tools of inquiry, multiple ways of assessing the child’s progress and helping a child to become an independent learner are some of the focus areas.

Scholastic Domains

  • Mathematics
  • Language teaching
  • Environmental Studies

Co-Scholastic Domains

An integral part of the curriculum, all students participate in the domains of art, music, dance, theatre and physical education. Through these spaces self–confidence, cultural appreciation and skills of team work and leadership qualities are enhanced.

  • Art Education
  • Music, Dance, Theatre Education
  • Physical Education