Learning beyond Curriculum

STEAM + LEGO Program

STEAM is the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. At The Mukat Trust International School we will incorporate the STEAM concepts in the teaching-learning experience of the learners. We start this in the Early Childhood Program itself with the use of Lego Kits and Puzzles.

Sports Program

The key to achieving excellence in sports lies in integrating it with the regular curriculum. At The Mukat Trust International School, these activities are interwoven into our daily school schedule emphasizing on a lifetime personal wellness, teaching responsibility and promoting diversity.

  • Indoor Basketball
  • Indoor Badminton
  • Indoor Table Tennis
  • Indoor Skating
  • Cricket
  • Athletics
  • Yoga
Performing Arts Program

The Performing Arts Program at The Mukat Trust International School encompasses Music, Dance and Theatre and has been shaped with a vision of enabling and encouraging our students to engage in the creative, expressive and responsive processes of the arts throughout their lives.

Music-Vocal /Instrumental

  • Indian Classical
  • Folk
  • Western
  • Guitar
  • Casio


  • Indian Classical
  • Folk
  • Western


  • Voice Modulation
  • Understanding of thoughts and feeling
  • Write the scripts
  • Enact plays