Welcome to The Mukat Trust International School!

The Mukat Trust International School is the realisation of the dream of the eminent educationist Late Prof. Gurcharan Singh (Former Registrar Punjabi University, Patiala) and Visionary cum Entrepreneur Late. Sardar Rajinder Singh Ahluwalia (Former Chairman Mukat Group of Companies).

This is the second school under the aegis of Mukat Educational Trust which has been successfully running Mukat Public School for over 25 years, which, from its humble inception has grown into an institution that is recognised for bringing about a transformation in the school education being offered in Rajpura.

We are launching this school with an aim to present another gem to the city of Rajpura by providing an education system that builds the learners’ character and empowers them in all aspects – mental, physical, emotional and social.

The core philosophy guiding our school is Growing by learning.  We Believe – Continuous learning is the fuel for continual growth. With the pace the world is changing, what is relevant today might become obsolete tomorrow, we wish to equip our students with a skillset that will allow them to adap with agility and always ride the crest of change. Our aim is to foster this spirit of constant enquiry, curiosity and intellectual restlessness in them. This cultivates critical skills like creative thinking, mental agility and flexibility.

Our wish is that we cultivate the habit of how to think and not what to think in our children.  We want them to AIM –  we will help them set a goal, we want them to ASPIRE-  we will expose them to the opportunities to reach there, and of course ACHIEVE – which will be the result of hard work of the Parents, Teachers and students put together.