Ms. Kuldeep Kaur Sekhon, Principal

With over 18 years of experience in the field of education, Ms. Sekhon is an accomplished and visionary educationist. She has served as a teacher in the reputable ‘Yadavindra Public School’ in Mohali, and as a Vice Principal in ‘Mukat Public School’ in Rajpura. She also takes a keen interest in co-scholastic activities and believes that a strong co-curricular department greatly contributes towards skill-building in students. She has always firmly believed that education is a great transformational tool that helps boys and girls become the fine men and women of tomorrow. According to her, every student shall embody the craving to learn and grow with objectivity and an urge to seek a balanced and contented life.




Advisory Board


Ms.Gayatri Kaushal

Mrs. Gayatri Kaushal is the Founder Principal of Mukat Public School, Rajpura and has been spearheading the institute for more than two decades. She has solely been responsible for the school’s success and there by transforming education in Rajpura. She has touched the lives of a number of students who remember her fondly and are still in touch with her afteryears of leaving school. She is a passionate and innovative educator, and with her vast experience she will provide leadership and direction to The Mukat Trust International School.




Ms.Simrita Ahluwalia

Ms. Simrita is currently the CEO of HDFC Education and Development Services Pvt. Ltd. She is an electronics engineer, a qualified CFA and an MBA from ICFAI Hyderabad. She comes with a rich experience and is committed towards setting up high quality schools by adopting the best practices prevalent in the Education sector. The HDFC Schools are now established and running in three cities i.e. Gurgaon, Pune and Bangalore. She is responsible for providing strategic guidance to The Mukat Trust Internatonal School.





Mrs. Sandeep Kaur Ahluwalia

An Educationist and a philanthropist, she has always been guiding the Trust with her vision for the future of the education landscape. She believes that with this motto of “Each one, Teach One”, we can make a huge difference in enlightening the future generations of this country and transforming our society into a desirable abode. She comes from a family of Educationists and has taught History as Professor in several colleges. She and her husband both believed that “Education is the Best Investment”, that they made for their three daughters- as that is the real wealth one can pass on, and an investment which will always reap benefits.

Ms. Mandeep Ahluwalia Pahwa

A true entrepreneur and a visionary, she has been guiding force behind the Mukat Group of Companies and Mukat Educational Trust. She has the ability to turn dreams into reality and it is due to her unwavering strength and determination that this new institution is being set up. “If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster, and treat those two impostors just the same, then Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it!”- is her belief. It is her focus to shape leaders for tomorrow through transformational education.

Mr. Rupinder Singh

The Guiding force behind Mukat Educational Trust and Mukat Pipes Limited, he provides the strategic direction and has been instrumental in setting up this school. His philosophy, passion and belief, reflect clearly in the infrastructure and design of this school- as it was his vision to build an institution of international standards for the children of Rajpura.  He has personally championed and led several change initiatives to adapt and transform the Mukat Public School into the name that it is today.

Mrs. Tapinder Kaur

The strongest pillar of Mukat Educational Trust, she is completely hands on with the affairs of the school. She is a passionate and innovate educator, having a deep understanding of children’s educational requirements. It is under her guidance that the Trust has gained an enviable reputation in Rajpura with its unique approach to education for life and to equip students with a skillset that will allow them to adapt to the ever-dynamic demands of the world. She truly believes that education is the only way to empower children to bring about impactful positive changes in our Society.

Ms. Manpreet Kaur Ahluwalia

Simply put she is a DREAMER. A Senior Commander with Jet Airways, Ms. Manpreet Kaur Ahluwalia had the spark in her to fulfil her childhood dream of flying. Hardwork, sincerity and dedication to your goal is the diktat she followed. Her vision for this school is to inspire children to think big, to expose them to opportunities to help set their goals and give them, that right stepping stone to go, seize their dreams. Her message for the children is “Aim, Aspire & Achieve”!