The Investiture ceremony at MTIS for the academic year 2021-2022 was held on September 13, 2021 wherein the newly elected members of the Student Council took the pledge to uphold the dignity of the school. Our honorable Principal, Ms. Kuldeep Kaur Sekhon graced the occasion with her benign presence. It was a moment of immense pride for the MTIS family to pin the badges to the young office bearers.


Janamashtami Celebration

On the auspicious occasion of ‘Janmashtami, MTIS organized various activities for different grades to relive the moments associated with Lord Krishna’s birth.

The activities that were taken up are as follows:
Kindergarten – 1) Two amazing dance performances by the students.
2) Dahi Handi act.
3) Aarti is performed by the students and the teachers.

Grade I and II- Flute making.

Grade III and IV- Crown making.

Grade V to VII- Swing making.

The students participated with utmost enthusiasm and zeal making the occasion even more special.

Rakhi Celebration

Raksha Bandhan is a beautiful bond between a brother and sister that was celebrated at MTIS with zeal and fervour. Students of Kindergarten, Grades 1 and 2 carried out rakhi making activity.
The tiny tots of Kindergarten came in ethnic attire. They were explained the significance of this festival by their teachers. They tied rakhi to each other’s wrists and also decorated the plate with Rakhi, teeka and sweets.

Students of Grade 1and 2 prepared beautiful rakhis and thoroughly enjoyed making them. Overall, it was a beautiful celebration for students which made the environment full of joy and love.

Independence Day Celebration

Saluting the nation and its freedom fighters on the occasion of 75th Independence Day, the staff and students of MTIS organized a special assembly. The students expressed their sentiments and aspirations for the country through speeches and poetry. Some of them presented patriotic songs too. Indeed it was a day of joy, a day to love and respect our country.

Kargil Vijay Diwas

No special day goes uncelebrated at MTIS. The day of pride for every Indian Kargil Vijay Diwas was virtually celebrated on 26 July 2021.Students of Grade 5, 6 and 7 watched a couple of documentaries that displayed untiring and selfless efforts made by our soldiers to protect our motherland.
Students also made different posters to honour and pay homage to the soldiers who laid down their lives for the sake of the nation. Such brave martyrs will stay in our hearts and will always be missed.
Jai Hind

Poetry Recitation Competition

*Dylan Thomas rightly describes poetry as ‘ It is what makes me laugh or cry or yawn.’*
Such is the beauty of Poetry.
To celebrate this aesthetic genre of English literature and its beauty, MTIS had organised a Poetry Recitation Competition for Grades I to IV.
The languages and themes for different grades were as follows:
Grade I and II – Hindi Poetry Recitation. The themes of which were:
Grade III and IV- English Poetry Recitation. The themes of which were:
*Gratitude- Learn to be thankful*
The active indulgence of our MTIS students made the event a great success. Such special assemblies boost the confidence of the students besides enhancing their skills.

Fathers Day Activity

On 20th June, MTIS celebrated Father’s Day to admire the love showered by all the fathers in the world and to make the day special for them.

The following activities were organised for different grades.

* Grade I & II
Prepare Best Dad Batches.
Give an oil massage or spa treatment using material available at home.

*Grade- III & IV
Prepare Best Dad Trophy for your father with a cute message.
Make a tie out of paper and write a message for your father on it.

* Grade- V to VII
Make a cool Father’s day keychain or band.
Stone painting for your dad with lovely picture and quote.

The active participation of the students made the day even more special.

Special Assembly on International Yoga Day

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World Environment Day Activity

World Environment Day is celebrated each year on June 5. It is a day to learn about the environment and participate in various conservation activities. This day gives us a chance to raise awareness about different environmental issues that face the world today and encourage everyone to do their part in preserving our natural world. The first graders at MTIS celebrated this day by preparing windsock and writing slogans on it. Pot decoration,making flower beds and mathematical garden were some of the activities designed for the students of grades 2 to 7.
The students participated enthusiastically in these activities and came up with various creative and innovative ideas.

Summer Camp- Day 4 (Foundation Classes)

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Summer Camp- Day 3 (Primary Classes)

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Summer Camp- Day 3 (Foundation Classes)

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Summer Camp- Day 2 (Primary Classes)

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Summer Camp- Day 1 (Primary Classes)

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Summer Camp- Day 2 (Foundation Classes)

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Summer Camp- Day 1 (Foundation Classes)

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International Day for Biological Diversity

Biodiversity is the way so don’t let nature go astray.
Biodiversity is about the variety – the range of different living things and systems in an area. The more the diversity, the healthier the ecosystem.
To make the students realise the importance of biodiversity and instigate concern and passion amongst them towards the biological resources and the flora and fauna; the MTIS family celebrated ‘ International day for Biological Diversity’ on 22nd May, 2021.
Various activities were organised for different grades like leaf painting, making birds and animals with use of fruits and vegetables, collecting natural things and preparing natural tree, making colourful paper birds, photography and collage making, paper mache Art, etc. The students participated with utmost zeal and enthusiasm.

Astronomy Day

The mysteries of outer space and astronomy have always fascinated the world for as long as we have recorded our history.

To give our astronomy enthusiasts an opportunity to share their knowledge and love for outer space and explore their passion for it, the MTIS family celebrated ‘World Astronomy Day’ on May 15, 2021. The following activities had been organised for different grades.

Grade 1 & 2
Dress up like any heavenly body and speak 5 lines about it
Grade 3
Draw Layers of Earth and label them
Grade 4
Draw Solar System on A-4 size sheet and speak few facts about it.
Grade 5 & Grade 6
Make the model of Earth using waste material lying in your houses and speak few amazing facts about the planet Earth.
Grade 7
Make model of an astronaut/ spaceship using waste materials present in your homes.Also speak about the life of an astronaut in space.

The active participation and indulgence of our MTIS students made the event a great success.

Mother’s Day (Kindergarten)

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Mother’s Day

Of all the gifts life offers, mother is the greatest of all; she might be a mother to the world but she is the world to her family
With a view to imbibe family values in our students, MTIS enthusiastically celebrated Mother’s Day. Keeping in mind, the bond shared by a mother and a child some activities were planned for the students of grades 1 to 7. The students were asked to prepare a piece of art as a token of love for their mothers.Some students displayed their culinary skills and made healthy drink, sandwiches, salads etc and others showed their artistic skills and gifted their mothers beautiful cards. Some students also prepared short videos expressing their love for their mothers.Altogether, it was a day that made memories.

International Dance Day

We, at MTIS, believe in celebrating special days as it not only promotes learning about various events but also provides a boost to students’ confidence in some way or the other.

MTIS proudly announces that the school celebrated ‘International Dance Day’ today to encourage participation and celebrate all the existing dance forms. A dance competition was organised for Grades I to VII.( Jhankaar 2021)

The students participated actively and gave phenomenal performances making the day even more special.

Earth Day 

The conduct of co-curricular activities is essential as it increases student engagement. In order to observe Earth Day and World Book Day, The Mukat Trust International School organised various activities for different grades that contributed in enhancing the speaking skills of the students.
The activities were as follows:
Grade II and III- Speaking a few lines on ‘Importance of trees’.

Grade IV and V- Making a book mark on Earth Day slogan and speaking a few lines about it.

Grade VI and VII- Designing the cover page of a book with a title and speaking a few lines about it.

The students participated with utmost enthusiasm. Such special assemblies held at MTIS promote fun and learning at the same time.

Baisakhi Celebration 

MTIS believes in imparting quality education to the children and at the same time focusses on their overall development.
On 15th April, we celebrated the festival of Baisakhi through Virtual Assembly and organised various events for the students of Grade 1 to 7.The activities conducted were:
Poetry Recitation
Chajj Decoration
Making of Hand Fan
All the students took part with great enthusiasm and gave their best making the celebration a great success.

Such assemblies not only help students enjoy but also promote learning at the same time. Moreover, such activities improve their speaking skills and boost their confidence too.